Sewist, knitter, all around crafty Tiger living with my husband, the Lion, and our cat, the Ocelittle, south of San Francisco among the redwoods. Software product manager by day, I love to sew, knit, run, and create a healthy, happy life together in my free time.


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  1. Hi!

    My name is Ashley and I’m a fan of your blog.

    Recently, I was awarded the Liebster Blog Award. As part of the award, I get to choose 11 bloggers to pass the award on to. I have chosen you as one of the recipients because I love your blog, and I think you deserve some recognition for all the hard work you do! I would love it if you were able to accept the award and pass it on! There are more details about the award on my blog, as well as an “award” button that you can copy for your blog if you would like to.

    If you are open to any sort of future blogger collaboration, please let me know; I’d love to work with you!

    Thanks for creating such a great blog,


    To see my blog post about the award click on this link:

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